Saturday, July 24, 2010

A helpful video I found

I was browsing through youtube and then I had a sudden urge to type warren buffet's name on the searchbox. I mean, if you plan to get rich, why not search for one of the richest and most intelligent men and listen to them talk about their specialized chosen field right?? Well, alas here is a video you all may like and I learned a lot from this.

I give to you, Warren Buffet!


  1. Having [myself] invested the five minutes to watch this video - upon your advice - I found absolutely nothing of value in it! He offered no real investment advice... he admitted that he even called his own investment wrong and pulled out far too soon... and he danced around every useful question with what are essentially non-answers.

    Moreover, Warren Buffet is fantastically wealthy, but rarely one of the best investors on Wall Street. He is an accumulator of Old American Money who generally plays only the surest of bets with inside governmental assistance and most Wall Street insiders already know this. He is a modern day J. P. Morgan, not a nimble investor.

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